Rooming Options

Ouray Hostel provides guests with two private bedrooms as well as one communal room. 


All beds are queen sized with clean, already-made, sheets included in the price.


Can host solo travelers, groups, and everything in between.


Please note: there are no onsite showers. Guests are referred to the town Hot Springs Pool for a $2 shower, or better yet, a soak and a swim. Towels are available in the back of the Hostel. 



   Sorry, due to the pandemic, no common room beds available 

Our communal room consists of two queen sized beds with a seperated sheet between the two. The rate listed below books i one queen bed for one or 2 guests.  The shared bathroom is about 30 feet down the hall. 


The cheapest way to stay in Ouray, with no extra fees for a bedmate :)


Common Bed Rate NA $35
Additional Person (Sharing Bed)  
Ouray Hotel Tax $2


Private Room Rate


For those looking for more of a Hotel experience, while still enjoying all that Ouray Hostel has to offer, we currently offer two private rooms. Please remember there are NO showers on the property. $2 showers are available at the town Hotsprings pool just a few blocks away.


Room 1 has 2 queen beds.


Room 2 has a queen bed and a full size futon/couch. Max 3 persons, however it’s a very tight squeeze when the futon is open. Approximately 20ft from shared bathroom.


Room 3 Has a private bathroom in addition to a queen bed.  This private fits two guests comfortably. 


All private rooms are open for pets on request.


Private Room Rate


Additional Person (Sharing Bed) $0
Ouray Hotel Tax $3
Private Room w/ .5 Bath Rate $54
Additional Person (Sharing Bed) $0
Ouray Hotel Tax $3
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Questions or want to make reservations?  Email:    Or Book thru Airbnb 

Call or text at  970 325-3155 970 325-3155